People Behind The Seams


Maria has been sewing for us since the very beginning, nearly 20 years ago.  You can find her name on any item we make - and then some. If someone requests something unusually complicated, we know where to turn.  She sews everything beautifully and happily. We count on her to train new sewers. 



Malcolm's name won't appear on your "Sewn by" label but if there were "Cut by" labels his name would appear in every garment. This former beef farmer and parts man had hidden pajama-cutting talents he didn't know about.  He also pitches in and helps in almost every aspect of the business (except sewing!) and we're still discovering his many talents. Also impressive is that after 7 years of operating our electric knife he has never even nicked a finger.



Adeline & Eileen are the elves responsible for sewing those beautiful little packages you receive in the mail.  Each order is unique and the shipping bag has to be individually cut and sewn.  From the hand-written note to the carefully folded garments, you can feel their cheeriness in every package.  It's true.  They're always cheerful!



June came on board five years ago and learned to sew every item we make after a single two-hour training session!  She has worked as a seamstress for 30 years. She told us to write that she wished she'd found Nights in White Flannel years ago.  We wish the same.



Elsa has been sewing for us for 5 years.  She quickly showed her flair for sewing pants and scrub tops.  If you have either of these items it was probably sewn by her.  Elsa also found a way to improve the front facing of the robes - so those are now part of her repertoire too.



Linda has been helping us out for more than a decade.  Her specialties include square yoke gowns and muslin tea gowns.  She sews for other companies, as well as her own, but somehow finds time for us when we need her.



Terry started NWF from her one-bedroom (which soon became a no bedroom) apartment in Guelph, Ontario in 1993. When the workload became overwhelming  she placed an ad in a local newspaper for home-sewers.  The applicants were each given 3 identical items to sew. One to determine a method of construction, one for practice and the third for judging.  When the finished garments were submitted Terry quickly fired herself as a seamstress and found other jobs to do.  Her favorite job is traveling to shows across the country meeting wonderful customers.  It hardly seems like work at all!