About Us

Generations of Canadians have been putting familiar striped flannel sheets on their beds at the first sign of autumn. We've been making and selling our warm and cozy sleepwear with the same familiar stripes around the country since 1993. If you own any of these products you already know why they're so popular. Here are some interesting facts you might also like to know.....


Our products are made under very comfortable conditions. Over the years we have grown into a thriving "cottage industry." Some of our sewers have young children at home and want to be there for them. Some of them are semi-retired. All of them are totally in control of their working conditions and hours. Many watch TV or listen to the radio while they work. As you can tell by the quality of the pajamas, our sewers are all superb at what they do! Look inside your garment at the "Sewn by" label then meet the person who sewed your garment in the "People Behind the Seams" section.


All of our products are meant to be machine washed and dried at high temperatures. The blankets are the bedding of choice for hospitals in Canada because they can endure the boiling temperatures required. The colours are steadfast and the fabric is soft but enduring. The products that are not made from sheeting are either pre-shrunk or have been over-cut to allow for shrinkage. We have detailed size charts to make choosing the right size easier. Even our slippers are meant to be machine washed and dried regularly.

We begin with reputable fabric and then sew the pajamas to last. If you take a look at the seams you will see that we never use the chain stitch that has become the hallmark of factory-made garments. The chain stitch is very quick to do....and undo. Once a thread is broken the involved seam quickly unravels. Instead, we use an old-fashioned lock stitch, and then finish the seam by serging the edges. This takes more than twice the time of chain stitching but we think it's worth it.

Wherever possible, we use Canadian-made components. Some of our fabric is woven in Canada. And, of course, the products are cut and sewn right here!

Our sizes are often described as "generous." The flannel is soft on both sides, making it a joy to wear for young & old. After all, sleepwear should be comfortable. The sleeves and legs are longer than usual. Some of our nightgowns are nearly eight feet around. For tall people it's a real plus. We happily hem garments for free.


In 1987, the Canadian government passed new laws concerning the production of children's sleepwear. Several designs, including nightgowns, robes and button-top pajamas were no longer allowed to be made out of any flammable fabric. Sleepers and Polo Pajamas were allowed, but with several design restrictions. All of our sleepwear conforms to Government standards.


Nights in White Flannel pajamas are often donated to raise money for charitable causes, or given away to people in need. You will find them at auctions, women's shelters, orphanages in Russia, Africa, Haiti and a remote village in the mountains of Nepal.


Whenever garments are made there are the inevitable off-cuts to deal with. Rather than send these scrap pieces to land-fill sites we do several things with them. Some are given away to local women who sew them into quilts, diapers, bandages and feminine hygiene products to be given away around the world. Check our "Nights News" for the latest projects. Let us know if you have any ideas.

If you ever want to reach us, our toll-free telephone number in Canada (1.800.548.7622) is sewn into every product we make. For inquiries from the US please call 1.519.369.1310. We'd love to hear your flannel stories!