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A Note about the Fabric

We’ve run out of the best of the blue-brown and blue-green striped flannel but still have a fair supply of those colours with very slight flaws. So slight that sometimes the elves gather around the cutting table and argue whether anyone would ever notice.  We’re using that fabric for many of the items now. You'll see a better description under each style – and a better price. We still have a little of the best blue striped fabric. It’s not quite as soft as the blue-brown or blue-green, but it’s evenly napped and has a long history with us. If you’d like a garment out of this fabric just call and we’ll get one ready.  We might even have one on...

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Pausing orders.

We opened our first website in 1996 and have taken orders around the clock ever since. Now we’re doing something we haven't had to do in the past 24 years. We’re pausing the website to get caught up on an unprecedented number of orders. With all elves on deck we should be able to clear out the backlog and start fresh at the beginning of November. We’re so grateful for the endless patience that our customers have shown us and are taking this step to avoid disappointing anyone.

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Hard working elves are everywhere. Thanks to them we are proud to say that many of our off-cuts never make it to the cutting room floor.  The off-cuts are whisked away by good-hearted, industrious people who breathe new life into them by creating dolls, diapers, menstrual pads, quilts and comforters, to name a few.  With the help of equally hard working "Distribution Elves", these useful, cozy items find their way around the world to where they are needed most.  We’d like to introduce you to some of these unsung heroes. 

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