May 2022: Seconds

To make room for new items we have to find homes for the old.  This means clearing out those slight seconds that have been set aside waiting for just the right person.  For the next several weeks we’ll be photographing and describing these garments as accurately as we can.  Each will be priced according to their flaw.


Very few of the seconds have anything to do with mistakes in cutting or sewing.  After all these years we’ve got those procedures down pat! Seconds are usually discontinued items or fabric that didn’t pass our rigorous testing. There are also samples, prototypes and shelf-worn items.  Some are labeled as seconds because they were made from fabric that we didn’t want to call our best. Others are so nearly perfect that they don’t have seconds labels and are considered gift-worthy even though, like all seconds, they are “final sale”.


The cost of shipping sure takes the thrill out getting a discount on an item. If you live near Durham or plan to travel this way there’s an option to save the shipping and pick up your order in person. 


If you were hoping to find something not listed send us an email ( and we’ll have a look. If we have it we might be able to add it to your order without increasing the shipping fee.


Hope you find something you like.  As my sister says “Buy it at a discount but wear it at full price”.


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