We're pausing our website from Nov 17 - 27 to get caught up on orders. Please see our Blog for details.


Christmas Orders

It wouldn’t be right to keep taking orders we couldn’t fill in time for Christmas. We’re going to have to pause the website to clear out the large number of orders that have come in recently. We’ll reopen November 26th– or earlier if we can.  What an exciting season this has been! Don’t lose hope if you were planning a flannel purchase. There will still be time to place an order in time for Christmas.  If you live locally you can safely pick your order up right from Santa’s sleigh in Grey Bruce.  Also, there will still be time to mail or courier orders in time for the big day. In the meantime, feel free to window shop and leave any questions in the...

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Pausing orders.

We opened our first website in 1996 and have taken orders around the clock ever since. Now we’re doing something we haven't had to do in the past 24 years. We’re pausing the website to get caught up on an unprecedented number of orders. With all elves on deck we should be able to clear out the backlog and start fresh at the beginning of November. We’re so grateful for the endless patience that our customers have shown us and are taking this step to avoid disappointing anyone.

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Shipping Times

"How long will my order take?" This is a question we hear a lot.  This season, to conserve fabric, we're cutting and sewing most items as they are ordered.  Garments are cut the day after they're ordered and sewn during the following week. The elves are stitching as fast as they can and your cozy parcel should be at your door in three weeks - or maybe less.  Let us know if you need it sooner and we'll do our best to meet your deadline.  We're grateful for your patience. 

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